"No, No, Yes!" was co-founded by Taichiro Hashimoto and Makoto Kawamura in 2007. Hashimoto designed and managed for a women's brand besides, buying vintage and military wear in the US and Europe. Kawamura was a freelance graphic designer, working in the area of advertising, web design, and entertainment. Both were drawn in by the lure of leatherwear. They started to focus on the leathers and wanted to build some products that have more craftsmanship and possibility to develop new aspects of "fashion". Hashimoto mainly handles order-made production and designs. Kawamura is in charge of designs for the leather goods and graphics. They received many awards: their Leather Jacket has selected to be a collection at Musee des arts Decoratifs in Paris, France. Leather Award's leather wear prize in 2008, Japan Leather Award's grand prix in 2009, Japan Leather Award's silver prize in 2010. In addition, they designed Lenny Kravits's costumes for his European tours in 2011. The brand's key word is "TOKYO UNDERGROUND TO THE WORLD".
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