Comments from the customers living outside of Japan.

Karaln wasn’t the first shop I reached. Before that, I did a lot of searching for the hoodie I wanted and sent messages and emails to several clothes stores, being told either the item was out of stock or they were unable to deliver overseas, until I found Karaln. Unlike most Japanese small businesses, Karaln accepts international orders and gives timely replies in English. Their service was definitely excellent, confirming orders, sending bills, confirming payments, all went very smoothly. And there was a sweet reminder that non-Japanese residents don’t have to pay the Japanese consumption tax in case I forgot, which I did. In a word, it was a very happy experience shopping at Karaln as an international customer. If you’re into Japanese fashion and original designs like me, this is a site you would probably like to bookmark.

(Ordered the amok's hoodie in May./2023. Living in China)

Very glad to discover that Karaln enables a seamless purchase to experience for buyers outside of Japan. Japanese designs that focus on the artisan aspect ? for me especially those with leather goods such as: Incarnation, Isamu Katayama Backlash, ierib; are generally hard to source outside of Japan. Shops that enable purchases outside of Japan are going to be greatly appreciated by those us of who have an infinity for Japanese goods. The next best thing for anyone would be to travel to Japan and experience it for oneself. I am putting Karaln on my map for the next time I visit.

(Ordered the incarnation's leather bag in June./2022. Living in USA)

just wanted to thank you for the quick and efficient delivery of my parcel to Switzerland. also for the interaction when checking sizes, you have always been precise and you did respond to all my emails very quickly. It was a real pleasure buying from your shop, and rest assured, I will buy again soon.

(Ordered the leather boots in Oct./2019. Living in Switzerland)

“ Outstanding service “ This is the first time I have ordered a leather jacket from Japan ( 23/03/2018 ).
I’m very happy with Karaln. The customer service staff are very friendly and helpful? The delivery was very quick.
I’m living in the Netherlands and will be shopping with Karaln again soon! thank you Kumiko Wada.

(Ordered the leather jacket in March./2018. Living in Netherland)

Glad to hear you would like to expand your business globally. Japanese fashion is attracting people so much as concept, cutting, design and quality.

In China, maybe not many people get the eye on it, but as I know some people bought that by some way then selling in China with very high pricing to me.

Before, maybe for the domestic protection, it's hard to buy Japanese clothing. Even now, not many webstore have this vision to do 's a good news to found you.

To most people out of Japan, they might feel the price of most Japanese brands is a bit too high. because in this case, they might use the same price to buy those oversea big brand, as you already what those are.

But great price comes great quality, I totally understand. but not everyone. So the promotion is necessary for expanding market outside as you know, time to time items updates is also important. I check your website every day. Size guide as well, shopping in outside country on net, the most struggle must be doesn't fit for the buyer. I took my lesson. In case saving both side times and avoid the quarrel, might could take more focusing on this part. After all, not everyone in other country as reasonable to talk like Japanese people.

To me, even I have shopped with you one time, but I think you are doing amazing job. You show me your conscientious attitude. To be care, everybody likes that, as shipping, you talked to me like a friend. this made me feel touch.

And that most important part to me, that you didn't let me pay the Japan tax. None of shops those I have been shopped ever mentioned me that I don't need to pay it. All the price I pay is includes.

(Ordered the tailor jacket in Sep./2016. Living in China)

I visited your shop because I was looking for a sold out item (Roar leather double rider jacket). I was told by other shops that it was sold out nationwide. But I found your site and asked if there was one available. You got back to me right away and was able to send me the jacket. Your staff was very knowledgable, courteous, nice, and helpful. I recommend 10/10 and I am so happy I ordered from you. Thank you very much Ms. Kamada and Karaln.

(Ordered the leather jacket in Feb./2016. Living in Canada)