Have you ever had trouble finding the shop you want to visit?

Have you ever had trouble talking with the shop clerks?

Some Japanese can understand English, but it's still limited to some shops.

If you ever have experienced these situations, a Guide Interpreter is the perfect choice for you!
I, manager of Karaln, also a certified Guide Interpreter (speaking English and Japanese), can help you with your shopping.

I offer some tours planned in advance (coming soon), but would be pleased to customize them for you, depending on your needs and priorities.
Don't hesitate to send me an e-mail, I will be glad to answer your requests.

Who are Certified Guides?

Certified guides are the only guides who are allowed to provide touristic information in a language other than Japanese based on the Guide-Interpreter Law and escort foreign visitors in Japan with compensation for such service. All certified guides have passed the national examination that requires them to demonstrate not only a high level of language abilities but also an extensive knowledge in various areas including geography, history, industry, economy, politics and culture of Japan. Guide services are available in English, Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese , Russian and Thai throughout Japan to meet the needs of our international visitors.


Good reasons to resort to certified guides.

Certified guides can make your precious occasion of visiting Japan more enjoyable and more memorable. As "non-governmental diplomats" of Japan, certified guides are eager to introduce to foreign visitors,correctly and interestingly through their live voice, the charms of local areas of Japan as a whole. Certified guides are knowledgeable enough to answer, on the spot, to almost any questions from tourists:

"What are Japan must see places?" "Tell me about the history of this town." " I want to get this specific item. Where can I buy one?" "How to pray and behave properly at temples and shrines?" and so on. In addition, certified guides will help you familiarize yourself with Japanese ways of thinking and living, which are often very different from other country's, by talking with you in a friendly way.


Important Reminders(Be careful)

There have been several reports on unqualified guides providing inaccurate and inappropriate tourist information and having troubles with international visitors.. These unqualified and illegal guides are subject to punishment under the Interpreter-Guide Law (up to 500 thousand yen fine) as they are likely to spoil your valuable time in Japan. All certified guides are obligated to present their guide certificates or guide licenses prior to and during the guide services. Please remember to check if your guides are qualified when seeking tourist guidance.

Guide certificate Guide license