The big silhouette shirts inspired by the season theme "HALLUCINOGENIC COSTUMES".
The graphic by art-group "nowartt" creating the image of a strong fragrance
which paralyze the senses.
Gradation from the collar to the hem, very elaborate design.
A feeling of large size, you can wear it like a jacket with a solid fabric.
Since the cuffs are wide, two patterns can be stopped with two buttons.

<2019 AW Season Theme>
"What kind of fragrance would be if the scent that would make the clothes appealing?
If there is a scent that feels paralyzed, what perfumers and scientists are making? "
This collection is inspired by the perfumers and scientists, and the
“HALLUCINOGENIC COSTUMES” is set as the season theme.


定価 40,700円(税込)

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