【STRUM】New Domestic Full Tanned Calf skin Jacket (BROWN)

A fry front long jacket with a soft calf and a soft touch.
It uses leather with tanned cowhide hides in Japan.
After sewing to the product in the ground state, it is dyed.
Since the oil is added firmly from the stage of tanning,
and the original oil is also dyed in the difference in product dyeing,
the touch is elastic and supple.
Compared with the previous groundwork, tannin is added firmly,
which increases boniness .
The more you wear it, the softer it will be, and it will become familiar to
your body and give you a taste and texture.
Gloss comes out in the hit part and you can fully enjoy the secular change.
* Since the product is dyed in two sizes to create a texture,
the design has a lining from the cuffs.
S (shoulder 16.9inch /chest 18.5inch /length 35.8inch /sleeve 24.8inch)
M(shoulder18.1inch /chest 19.3inch /length 35.4inch /sleeve 25.2inch)


定価 203,500円(税込)

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